YT Resolution Services, LLC

A. Investment Advisory Services

YTconsulting is a private investment advisory firm that provides strategic financial advice and transaction services to select clientele. Established to assist businesses preparing for major transitions resulting from external or internal conditions and critical marketplace repositioning, YTconsulting develops various options for raising capital, restructuring, and exit strategies.
As an independent financial advisor, YTconsulting's focus is to prepare businesses for change through sound, objective strategic advice and value-added transaction execution. The company helps clients increase their value through new capitalization strategies, growth tactics, business combinations, and financing sources. An international network of financial resources enables YTconsulting to react quickly to market changes and assist its clients in building strategic links while providing professional private equity transaction and investment banking guidance.
Its emphasis is on providing personal attention through experienced principals and unique, high-quality confidential services.

B. Human Resources Consulting Services

At YTconsulting, we truly believe that human resources are the most important assets of any company. YTconsulting can also provide excellent assistance your company's staffing needs with "ready" human resources for a wide range of positions, industries, and conditions. Our consultants diligently work to find you the best candidates to fill any of your open positions.

YTconsulting also has a passion for self-development. We can offer assistance to get any potential candidate further prepared for his or her new position in your business.