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A Message From the President

"Put our clients first, which in turn will help ourselves, and that, by extension, will benefit the entire society."

This is the motto by which we at YT Resolution Services stand and that we work hard each day to fulfill, the very motto on which this company was founded.

I firmly believe that it should be the life's goal of every person to work to forge one's own path in the world, in his or her own respective area of expertise, not for the personal glory, but rather for selfless intentions. By working as hard as one can to be considered an expert in that field, a professional on whom one can trust and rely, he or she can be of use, providing happiness or a feeling of assurance to others, and through that, help society as a whole.

As such, I approach my work not with a question as to how I can best benefit myself, but rather how I can work to meet and exceed my clients' expectations, and live up to the trust that they have put in me. With this kind of philosophy, I have found that I can do a better job for my clients, leading to the kind of evaluation and reputation that allows me to obtain more jobs and help a greater number of people while giving me the energy and desire to continue to put everything that I have into every project.

So then, in this equation, what is the purpose of the institution of the company? That is, I believe, to ensure that we can satisfy our clients while providing our services at a reasonable price and obtaining a reasonable profit, in order to contribute to society as a whole. In order to do this, we obviously need to allocate significant manpower and hire the kind of professionals who not only can help the company as a whole to achieve its goal but are also open to growing and learning, for I believe one of a company's many missions is to provide an environment for its employees to develop and thrive. At the same time, another one of any company's duties is to encourage the correct mentality in its employees and to make them understand that money is not the primary concern. If it were, the company would end up trying to get the client to purchase unnecessary services, or we would cut corners and do the minimum. However, while that may be sufficient for the short-term, it would rob us of so much more: our clients' respect, a solid reputation, and most of all, our own sense of integrity and pride. These things that have no monetary value are important nonetheless, more important, in fact, than anything tangible, and it is this philosophy that a company is responsible for instilling in its employees. If the company does not properly do this, there is no real future for the employees or the company itself.

What's more, any employee trying to establish himself or herself as a professional in the field of his or her choice needs to remember that the best judgment of one’s expertise will come from the existing clients. It is only from the clients’ evaluations that one can most accurately become aware of any shortcomings, strengths, and get a better grasp on his or her very future.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every individual that represents a company as well as the institution of the company itself to ensure that everything being done is for the good of the society and to satisfy and promote the successes of each client. By not forsaking or forgetting this mantra, I believe one can truly distinguish himself or herself as a professional in one's field. And it is this philosophy that YT Resolution Services has set out to embody; if you give us the chance to do so, we won't let you down.

Yasuhiro Takasaki



それはやはり、「お客様に満足をいただくような仕事を提供することによって、適正な利潤を得ながら、社会の公器として世の中に貢献していくためにある」ということだと思います。 そしてそのような会社の活動を可能にするためには、有為な人材の確保は必須となってきますし、また同時に必要な人材の育成も会社の使命のひとつだと思います。



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Biography of the President

Yasuhiro Takasaki
President and CEO / Professor at Tohoku University

Yasuhiro Takasaki is the founder, President, and CEO of YT Resolution Services (YTRS). Mr. Takasaki has had extensive experience in all of the various fields crucial for today's top businessmen: business consulting, business development, real estate development, financing arrangement, and design and construction.

Prior to forming YT Resolution Services, Mr. Takasaki spent 25 years at the Shimizu Corporation, at which he worked in corporate planning, business development and financing, and marketing for large, international, tender-basis construction projects. From 1992 until he left the corporation to form YT Resolution Services, he directed all of the firm's real estate business development and restructuring works in the US. He served as the Chief Marketing Director of the European Division; the EVP of Shimizu Development NY, Inc.; the COO of Shimizu America Corporation; and Co-CEO of Dillingham Construction Corp in San Francisco.

Mr. Takasaki received an MBA and a Master's Degree in Economics from American University. He is also a well-known writer in both the American and Japanese business worlds, having authored a myriad of books, newspaper articles, and theses including the International Project Handbook, Construction Business Strategy in 21st Century, Plan to Reform Financial Crisis in Japan, and For Vitalizing Human Resources.

Mr. Takasaki has also coupled his knowledge and experience in the business world with his passion for education and human development to take on the capacity of Professor at Tohoku University specializing in Global Strategic Development in 2006. Furthermore, he serves as a special advisor to the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.

Yasuhiro Takasaki
Yasuhiro Takasaki
  Yasuhiro Takasaki